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Half-Day Retreat (online)
Half-Day Retreat (online)
Mar 16, 2024, 8:30 AM PDT
Take a break from the busyness of everyday life for a mindfulness deep dive of sitting & walking meditation, gentle yoga, and other guided practices.


Saturday, December 2nd, 2023


9:00am - 4:00pm


$35 - $70 (sliding scale)


Center for Community, Art, & Spirituality

7400 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115, USA


R.J. Rongcal

Immerse yourself in the healing pause of mindfulness during this day-long silent retreat. Look forward to being be guided in a sequence of meditation and mindfulness practices including: sitting meditation, the body scan, walking meditation, gentle mindful yoga, and contemplative practices like the loving-kindness meditation.

The retreat is ideal for people with some mindfulness or meditation experience. Introductory information about mindfulness will not be provided at this session. Rather, we will dive right in to guided practice. If you are totally new to meditation this day may be a challenge; however, all are welcome. For some, “jumping in” is a great way to start.

"R.J.'s grounded, validating presence is such a gift in these classes. I felt the practices were accessible, and I loved the way they built on each other, offering growth and choice. Under R.J.'s guidance, I learned new skills, deepened my intentionality, and connected with lovely, open-hearted people."




Practicing mindfulness for extended periods of time can prove to be quite powerful. The advantage of an online retreat is that it offers "in-real-time" opportunities to integrate mindful awareness into one's everyday activities around familiar surroundings where actions may be more often driven by lack of awareness or habitual rote memory. 

As you prepare for an online retreat, here are a few considerations/suggestions to support an optimal retreat experience:

  • A quiet space - As much as possible, create a separate, quiet space away from family and distraction, even pets if they might distract you or other participants.

  • Unplug - Plan to “unplug” from your phone, clocks, or any other electronic device unless using it to connect to our virtual retreat room. Turn off any notifications that might pop up on the device you're using to connect to the retreat.

  • Free yourself up - Minimize or eliminate as many tasks and activities as you can. Normally we would be in a retreat setting to allow for an immersive experience. Retreating at home offers the benefit of being able to practice mindfulness skills in your regular environment while it offers the potential challenge of home distractions.

  • Have a conversation ahead - We suggest that you prepare your household members ahead, letting them know you’ll be practicing silence during this time. If you're able to, maintaining silence or minimizing talk between practice periods (as is done in many in-person retreats) is a valuable contribution to the retreat experience.

  • Explore integration and accept what happens - See an online retreat as an opportunity to integrate mindfulness practice and your daily life instead of as a way to “get away” – it helps to see this as a different type of experience from an in-person retreat at a retreat center.


  • It won't be perfect - Resistance and wanting things to be other than they are can be a part of all contemplative practices. Please accept that the day will unfold in the way that it does and much is beyond your control. If things are busier or in some way not to your liking in the environment as you do the series of practices offered, please accept things as they are and know that there is benefit.


Lastly, please try your best to:


  • Sign in a little early to make sure you can connect.

  • Turn cameras on once the retreat starts. This is not a requirement, but I've found that having cameras on best supports a rich and connected experience for all participants.

  • Stay muted unless we are having a discussion.

  • Maintain silence and focus as much as possible during practice times: refraining from speaking, reading, writing, or using other devices.

Following the guidelines supports a deep dive into practice for you and the entire community. Thank you!

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