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Mindfulness at Work

Curious how to create a more mindful work environment? I can help!

"RJ is flexible and very easy to work with. He was able to cater well to the needs of our staff, and he is tremendously personable. Thank you!"

- Cynthia, K-5 Spanish Teacher, Mountlake Terrace, WA


Whether you are interested in minimizing employees' stress in your office or school, or you would like your employees to improve their sustained focus, mindfulness can be the driving engine.

When I was a teacher, stress or overwhelm were not in short supply throughout the staff. Yet, I was able to help many teachers work skillfully with these overbearing mind states.

I offer mindfulness practices that directly teach how to:

     - maintain sustained focus 

     - be resilient in stressful situations

     - listen and communicate with unbiased clarity

     - be fully present with colleagues

Just by learning and implementing a few mindfulness techniques throughout the course of a work day, we can tap into our natural energy and confidence to overcome stress.


Ultimately, leading to a calmer work environment, and a more resilient staff!

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