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Mindfulness Practice

Focused, thorough, and time-tested! 

"Mindfulness is the awareness that arises out of intentionally paying attention in an open, kind, and discerning way." -Shauna Shapiro & Linda Carlson

In more detail, here is a look at what I offer over the course of several sessions. Throughout all the practices and activities, the connective thread remains the same: cultivation of kind, non-judgemental, moment-to-moment awareness.

Formal meditation practices

- mindfulness of breathing/body

- body scan

- mindfulness of thoughts (noting)

- lovingkindness & compassion

- mindful movement: walking meditation & yoga

- open awareness noting (advanced)

- mindful listening and speaking (informal practice)

- mindful eating (informal practice)

A typical set of six sessions includes:

- Identification of difficult emotions/mind states, their causes, and how to work with them in a healthy way.
- Reflection on the previous week (in regard to intentions & goals)
- Coaching around intentions/goals to set for the coming week (e.g. confidence, organization, etc.)
- The role of mindfulness in alleviating strong emotions and debilitating cycles of thinking
- Explicit mindfulness meditation instruction
- Lovingkindness and self-compassion meditation
- Mindful movement/simple yoga
- Maintaining a simple “mindfulness journal” to track progress
- One 60 minute session per week for four weeks (with the option to continue on an as-needs basis)


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