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A FREE 4-week workshop - interactive and "hands-on" - aimed at cultivating healthy habits for working with anxiety.

Dates: Sunday - May 2nd to May 23rd (Four consecutive Sundays), 2021


Time: 10:30AM to NOON PST

Cost: free (donations are appreciated)

Location: Live Zoom Sessions (link sent upon registering)

What others are saying...

"I have learned to love myself and be forgiving, and I've been more productive and positive--I've learned so much from the 5-week practices and they have been truly life changing! I'm grateful for the opportunity with RJ and I'll always remember to live in the present!" - R.N.

"RJ has a warm and inviting way of sharing the fruits of Mindfulness practice."
- winter workshop participant​

Course Description

In this 4-week workshop on building healthy habits for dealing with anxiety, participants will learn various mindfulness meditations and practices.  R.J. Rongcal will lead interactive Zoom sessions, which will include learning the fundamentals of mindfulness: What it is...Why it's important...and How to practice it.

Additionally, sessions will include guided meditation, mindful journaling, and group discussion. Between sessions, attendees are asked to keep a practice log to record their experiences of the mindfulness practices.

Transforming anxiety requires that we turn toward it in a wise and healthy way. So come test the following claim for yourself: Bringing kind and curious, non-judgmental attention to our present moment experience, can free us from the suffering caused by anxiety.

Course Outline

Week 1 - Mindfulness and Anxiety
Key: Understanding anxiety, its causes and symptoms

Practice: Awareness of breath

Week 2 - Anxiety in the Body
Key: Emotions are an embodied experience

Practice: Awareness of body sensations (body scan)

Week 3 - Anxious Thoughts & Emotions
Key: Attaching to thoughts & ideas vs. letting them go

Practice: Labeling thoughts, feelings, & sensations

Week 4 - Meeting Anxiety with Compassion
Key: Kindness & compassion are trainable skills

Practice: "Heart-centric" meditation

- Attend at least 3 out of the 4 sessions
- Try best to complete 80% or more of the assigned "home practice" (meditation and practice log)

WEEKLY CLASS FORMAT- Short lecture/talk on week's topic - Guided meditations- Journaling & group discussions


Audio recordings of guided meditations, supplemental reading, online video links, and "How- to" handouts

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