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Creating the bridge between meditation and the rest of our lives!


Tuesday, 7/6

Tuesday, 7/13

Tuesday, 7/20

Tuesday, 7/27

Tuesday, 8/3

Time: 4:30PM to 6:00PM

Cost: Sliding scale; pay what you can afford.

Location: Live Zoom Sessions (link sent upon registering)

What others are saying...


"RJ is open, warm hearted and knowledgable. I felt he was able to meet me right where I was in my own experience and broaden my understanding of a variety of meditation practices, from a simple concentration practice, to an open awareness practice to cultivation practices. I would whole heartedly recommend him as a guide and coach."

-C.H. (Everett, WA)

Course Description

Cultivating mindfulness leads us toward seeing clearly how things really are, as opposed to how we would like them to be. The more clearly we experience the the present moment, the more likely we are to live from a place of genuine confidence and wisdom.


This occurs because mindfulness (present-moment, nonjudgmental awareness) supports us in degrading the habits that cause and exacerbate our own stress, anxiety, and neurosis. Real change requires looking closely - and with kindness - just how we are right now. From this honesty emerges an understanding of what causes us to struggle and what causes us to feel at peace. It is likely we are unaware (or at least partially unaware) of such causes. Mindfulness practice - particularly when joined with noting - shines a light on this internal human experience. 

For this 5-week course, the main meditation practice taught will be mindfulness paired with the practice of “noting” (sometimes referred to as “labeling”). Noting is one's own silent recognition of what is happening right now. For example, when we notice we are worrying, one notes silently, "worrying." When we feel impatient, we note, "impatient." This same process continues with physical sensations ("heaviness", "itching", "burning," etc.).


When we can label an experience, two things often occur (1) it loosens its grip on our mind ("Name it to tame it", and (2) we tune in more deeply to the experience. Personally, no other practice has been so consistently helpful in keeping me mindful through all waking hours of my life! I'm excited to share this life-changing practice with you!

(Click here to read a two-page introduction to noting by Stephen Levine.)

Course Details

Key Understandings

- The importance of moment-to-moment awareness

- What mindfulness is (and isn't), and how to practice it. 

- Settling “into” the present moment via the senses.

- The importance of mindfulness of body: emotions and mind states manifest in the body

- Everything is constantly changing

- "Pain x resistance = suffering"

- How to “rest in the mess” by practicing non-controlling, non-resistance, and neither grasping nor running away. 

Meditation Practices

- mindfulness of breathing/body

- noting physical sensations, feelings tones, emotions, thoughts, and mind states.

- open awareness meditation

- walking meditation

- mindful eating



This class is for anyone wanting to...

- begin a regular meditation practice, or bolster an existing one

- be more present in daily life

- relieve mental and emotional struggles

- be in (virtual) community with other like-minded humans

- learn the foundations of mindfulness and insight meditation

- Attend at least 4 out of the 5 sessions
- Continue with 10+ minutes of (near) daily meditation practice between sessions


- Short lecture/talk on week's topic

- Guided meditations

- Social meditation

- Group discussions


Audio recordings of guided meditations, supplemental reading, online video links, and "How- to" handouts

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